Delivering quality, cost effective services

that maximize investments in technology.


As companies invest in the diverse set of rapidly evolving Automation Technologies, expectations range from becoming more productive to gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Maro & Associates, Inc.,  organizes the power and benefits of these technologies by providing a wide range of professional services designed to meet these expectations.

All of our services are designed to assist our customers in maximizing benefits the transitional and transformational change can bring to various corporate teams.  We are a highly qualified organization dedicated to delivering quality, cost effective professional services that can maximize investments in new technology. We employ a consistent and effective set of methodologies that leverage our experiences from numerous industries.  Dedicated to the success of our customers, we realize the unique set of tasks each company may have and match our expertise to the requirements that will maximize the use of resources keeping projects on schedule and on budget.

Value that strengthens your organization with...

  • Medical Device Development and Design Services
  • Commercial Product Development and Design Services
  • Retail Product Development and Design Services
  • Manufacturing and prototype services
  • Needs analysis / process assessment services
  • Methodology and best practice development services
  • Metrics development services- business, value, process, etc.
  • Strategic business objective implementation services
  • Design automation services
  • Project management services
  • Finite element analysis services
  • Training services

                               ...maximizing investments in people, process, and technology.

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